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Ryan Carey
March 19, 2018

In a time of coronavirus induced economic instability — taking RISKS and putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea. 

After all, if the dollar collapses, do you trust the banks to protect your wealth?

Today my aim is to walk you through the best gold IRA custodians in the United States for retirement gold investing. 

Right now the market indexes are in a state of turmoil, with volatile investor sell-off motivated insanity. Traditional forms of investing have seen the tailwind of a depression.  

I’ve been observing trends in our economy and using it to our reader’s favor for years, and today, I’m going to share my observations on some of the best self-directed IRA custodians out there. 

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I’ve been telling my readers for years to diversify into Gold. 

There could not be a better time than now to hedge against guaranteed inflation with this precious metal that has been used as a storage of wealth for thousands of years.

You’ll thank me in 10 years when your hard-earned money is safe and appreciating in value! 

Those in the masses who fret and delay thereby storing their money under their mattress or with the banks will understand in years to come that that wad of cash wasn’t that much of a safety net as they thought.

Inflation is coming, protect your wealth today, and diversify your wealth. Convert IRA to Gold today so you can reap the rewards in years to come.

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It’s becoming increasingly popular to diversify your retirement savings by investing in gold or other precious metals.

If you want to go this route, you’ll first have to choose a gold IRA custodian to setup and manage your account and convert ira to gold. 

Before choosing a company, it’s important to make a thorough comparison of your options.

After all, it’s YOUR hard-earned savings which are on the line. Follow along with our guide to get started investing in precious metals and retirement gold the right way. 

Below you’ll find reviews of the top seven companies in the industry offering precious metal IRAs. Not only have we reviewed these companies, we’ve also detailed the process we used in our evaluations.

There are a lot of factors to consider when setting up a Gold IRA. Still, when we did our research one company consistently rose to the top. So before going any further, we’ll answer the most important question…

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What is The Best Gold IRA Company?

After extensive research into best practices, company reviews, and customer testimonials, we concluded that the best Gold IRA custodian currently on the market is Advantage Gold.

Here are more details for why we chose this company:

#1. Advantage Gold – Overall Best Company

  • BBB Rating: A+ (highest possible rating)
  • Trustlink Rating: 5 Stars (Over 579 5-star customer reviews)
  • Featured in: CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Nobleman Magazine, BNN
  • Setup Fees: Low, Flat Fee
  • Storage Safety: Choice of approved facilities including Brinks and the Delaware Depository
  • Customer Service: 100% customer satisfaction
  • Years in Business: 6
  • Delivery of Metals: Expedited within 24 hours of funds clearing
  • Buyback Policy: Absolutely! (One of the best in the industry)

Company Overview - Gold IRA Review:

Advantage Gold provides a safe, secure way for customers to protect their retirement investment. They are one of very few companies in the industry that use Brinks depositories—widely considered among the safest in the world.

If you go to Trustlink.org, the Business Consumer Alliance, or even the company’s website, you’ll find hundreds of glowing reviews from satisfied customers. 

With a history of delivering customer satisfaction and a stellar reputation, the bottom line is that Advantage Gold is an excellent choice to safeguard your retirement holdings.

But regardless of whether you choose Advantage Gold or not, it’s important to know what makes a good, trustworthy company.

Various companies have emerged in the industry and it is important to know which one you can trust since you are going to invest your cash.

What Factors Should You Use to Evaluate a Gold or Silver IRA Custodian?

When looking for the best precious metals IRA firm, pay attention to the following five factors:

  • Reputation
  • Policies and Fees
  • Flexibility and History
  • Customer Service
  • Storage Safety

#1. Reputation

You want to work with a company that has consistently delivered results, regardless of the market’s volatility. Market situation should not determine the outcome of your investment.

The company should also display great customer service and communication. Avoid companies with pushy salesman or who try to pressure you to buy certain products.

It is also important that the company is established and that it is accredited by market watchdogs such as the Better Business Bureau, Ripoffreport.comTrustlink and the Business Consumer Alliance. What are the company’s customers saying? How does the company deal with complaints?

#2. Policies and Fees

It is important that you are aware of the fees and policies that will be applied by the company that you will choose. The company should be open and transparent about its fee structure. Always choose a company with flat annual fees.

Fees that are proportional and grow with account size can end up costing you thousands of dollars, especially for medium-to-large investments.

#3. Flexibility and History

Any IRA that accepts gold investments will be a self-directed IRA. The company should be able and willing to work with you on other investment options, such as cryptocurrencies, if you so desire. 

You also want a company that has the market experience and willingness to actively grow your investment.

#4. Buyback Program

When you are ready to liquidate your precious metals, it is important that you have someone to sell them back to quick and easily. You don’t want to miss out on any of your potential gains.

The company you choose should offer a buyback program that allows you to resell your metals at the current spot price of the metal so you can capitalize on your gains and investment.

#5. Storage Safety

When choosing your custodian, don’t overlook storage safety. Go with a company that offers several storage locations, both national and overseas, as well as segregated storage.

Segregated storage means that you get your own section of the vault and your metals aren’t combined with other metals. This makes it easy to liquidate your gold, silver, or other metals as easily as possible.

Gold IRA Custodian Comparison Table

With those above five factors in mind, here is a comparison of the top seven companies that made our list, and how they stack up against Advantage Gold.

You can click on the custodians to be taken to things like Regal Assets reviews, or a Rosland Capital review.



BBB Rating

annual fees

min. investment

best storage

More info



Flat Fees





1st Year Waived




JM Bullion






Rosland Capital


Based on Amt




Capital Gold







Birch Gold








Based on Amt



Want to Know More? Request Your Free Gold Kit

All precious metal companies are not created equal if you are considering rolling over your IRA or 401(k) to a self-directed account that can contain physical gold, silver, or other precious metals. 

It is important that whichever company you choose is reliable in protecting your hard-earned retirement dollars. Our team’s clear pick is Advantage Gold due to their transparency, customer service, reliability, storage fees, and their ability to protect our retirement assets.

They definitely pride themselves on being first class, delivering on their promises, and making sure that their customers are satisfied with the end product. They also offer a 7-day delivery guarantee, which is rare when it comes to shipping gold.

To top everything off, Advantage offers a free gold investing guide, which you can receive by signing up here or downloading below. The free guide reviews the history of gold, the storage process, and why rolling over to a gold IRA is a wise decision.

About the author 

Ryan Carey

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