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American Hartford Gold Review

Donny Gamble
December 7, 2021
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American Hartford Gold is a gold IRA program and wholesaler that allows you to take control of your financial future, but what are your financial goals?

Precious metals can secure your future; a gold IRA plan from American Hartford Gold can be that security you need. Their fees, customer service, and resources line up with the goals of a lot of newer investors.

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American Hartford Gold
annual fee
Investment Minimum

Receive up to $1,500 in free silver (with a qualifying purchase)

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Key Takeaways

American Hartford Gold holds an A+ BBB rating, as well as one of the strongest price match guarantees that you’ll come across in any precious metals or gold IRA program.

Throughout every step, you have access to precious metal specialists who can help you make informed decisions.  Their excellent on-site tools allow you to make decisions for yourself, while their educational content gives you plenty of information about gold prices and how they’re set.

When you sign with American Hartford Gold, you’re not just planning out your gold IRA—you’re learning about the gold market in its entirety.

Pros & Cons

  • One of the best buyback programs on the market.
  • Very transparent process from start to finish.
  • Excellent customer service with detail-oriented and knowledgeable agents.
  • Competitive pricing goes toe to toe with other gold IRA programs on the market.
  • Fees can change, although not by much, at any given moment’s notice.
  • Prices are hidden until you sign up with the company.

Accredited since 2016, American Hartford Gold has been supplying investors with precious metals and gold IRA programs. They feature some of the most intuitive tools, cutting-edge technology, and a firm of dedicated individuals that help you bring your investments further than you could bring them on your own.

Their mission statement is all about taking leadership in the gold IRA space and carving a path for their investors that ensure they're receiving the very best prices, and the very best experience.

They understand that there are hundreds of options for you to choose from—they want to be the greatest gold IRA firm out there.

With no added liquidation fees and simple three-step processes, they understand the pain points that many gold and precious metal IRA clients have been experiencing for years, and aim to give you an entirely different experience.

About American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is very transparent when it comes to their leadership. Under the guidance of the CEO Sanford Mann, the President Scott Gerlis, and executives within their firm, they outline just what it means to provide the tools for an investor to secure their financial future.

Their goal is to provide one of the best buyback commitments available, to maintain their rapidly-growing private company’s projected growth, and to teach every investor that they interact with about the ways that gold IRAs can change your future (literally).

American Hartford Gold Services

They offer services in more ways than your average gold IRA program.

  • Educational Content: With a plethora of articles and information geared at making you a better investor, you’re able to make better decisions with your investment and existing IRA before you rollover.
  • Precious Metals: Access to more than just gold; you can diversify your portfolio without having to solely rely on a single precious metal.
  • Real-Time Pricing: Access to real-time numbers without having to contact a representative; it’s all in your hands.
  • Storage: Depository charges still exist, but American Hartford Gold finds you the best places to store your gold no matter what.

American Hartford Gold Fees & Costs

There are no setup fees for your gold IRA, however, you’re not going to get away with absolutely zero fees.


Investment Minimum

Annual Fees

Precious Metals IRA





Non-Segregated storage: $100

Segregated storage: $150

That being said, the first three years of your gold IRA may have free storage fees depending on your initial investment. This is usually for high-volume gold IRAs, although you may be able to avoid fees with special offers from time to time.

Storage fees tend to be around $100 to $150 per year depending on the amount of gold you have to store. Prices and fees are difficult to find unless you sign up with the website, making it a little difficult to make your choice.

Is American Hartford Gold Right for You?

With competitive pricing, excellent tools, educational content, and a driven goal for the future, American Hartford Gold is quickly becoming one of the best options for gold IRAs in the United States.

This company is often the best choice for a lot of first-time investors, although with some investors, they just want to utilize a gold IRA without having to worry about gold prices and other aspects.

If you want to be actively involved in your gold IRA and ensure that you’re getting the best prices all the time, American Hartford Gold is the perfect choice for you.

American Hartford Gold FAQ's

Is American Hartford Gold legit?

Yes, American Hartford Gold is a legitimate company and gold wholesaler. They offer precious metals, gold IRA rollovers, intuitive tools, and excellent customer service. It’s the full package deal no matter how you look at it.

Endorsed by personalities like Bill O’Reilly, American Hartford Gold has shown their commitment to earn the trust of investors, large or small.

How long has American Hartford Gold been in business?

While some information online points to different start dates, American Hartford Gold has been accredited by the BBB since early 2016.

You’ll notice that many gold IRA companies have a very long vetting process, so knowing that they’ve been verified by the BBB since 2016 shows their ongoing dedication to being one of the best gold IRA companies out there.

Which types of retirement accounts can I rollover to a gold IRA?

Roth IRAs, traditional 401(k)’s, and 403)b) accounts, among others. American Hartford Gold is able to rollover multiple account types into a gold IRA, so you can enter your investment without having to worry about liquidating your IRA simply to transfer it.

Once the gold IRA is funded with a rollover, your American Hartford Gold agent will be able to help you decide which precious metals to fund your account with. The entire process is intuitive from start to finish.

Is there a buyback program? If so, what is the criteria?

Many gold IRA companies fail to make a dynamic and effective buyback program, but American Hartford Gold picks up the pace where others lack. Their comprehensive buyback program gives you an interactive chart that ensures the best prices with near real-time accuracy.

With their educational material already being fantastic, this interactive area of the website shows you just how committed they are to helping you make the perfect financial decisions for your gold IRA. You’ll always have an opportunity to sell during the best buyback prices.

How long will the rollover process take with American Hartford Gold?

Rollover processes can take a while depending on the account type, but suffice to say, they will do their best to ensure the process happens quickly on their end. Your financial institution holding your IRA may take some time to transfer appropriately.

Be sure to discuss this with your financial institution prior to making this decision and speak with someone in charge who can expedite the process for you, or at least provide insight into how long it should take.

Compare to Other Companies

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American Hartford Gold

American Hartford is proud to help individuals and families protect their wealth by diversifying with precious metals.

  • American Hartford Gold
  • Rating: 4
  • Reviewed by:
  • On December 7, 2021
  • Last modified:February 24, 2022

Review Summary:

American Hartford Gold is proud to help individuals and families protect their wealth by diversifying with precious metals.

Review of: American Hartford Gold

Reviewed by:
On December 7, 2021
Last modified:February 24, 2022


American Hartford Gold is proud to help individuals and families protect their wealth by diversifying with precious metals.

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