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Donny Gamble
December 10, 2021
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Precious metals are important for a healthy portfolio. With Regal Assets, you can actually diversify your portfolio with silver, gold, and even cryptocurrency, but what makes this newer company really stand out?  Their gold IRA program may not seem that unique at a first glance, but there’s more than meets the eye. 

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Key Takeaways

Regal Assets isn’t just a precious metals IRA, but they also offer cryptocurrency services as well. You can invest in multiple ways and diversify your portfolio.

You can take full advantage of their segregated safety storage, and flat fee dynamic that ensures you aren’t met with any nasty fees or surprises.

Overall, the low barrier to entry is great, and the customer service has its issues, but it’s a solid start for anyone who’s serious about getting into gold investments.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent selection of bullion to choose from.
  • Only a $5,000 minimum investment requirement.
  • Flat fee model makes things simple and quick.
  • Plenty of storage options; not limited to a single storage selection.
  • Website and tools could use an upgrade.
  • Customer service has been spotty (depending on certain peaks and dips in their history).

If you find yourself wondering if your investment holders actually have your back, you’ll be happy to know that those worries can all be laid to rest when you rollover with Regal Assets.

This company not only knows the market, but they know your concerns, your pain points, and actively work to make sure they’re dealt with in an appropriate manner.

They’re innovating as often as possible and creating better, faster ways for their clients to invest in gold. If you don’t want to get left behind in the investment world, then keep a close eye on what Regal Assets is doing.

About Regal Assets

Featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, and, Regal Assets has become a force to be reckoned with in recent years.

Founded without major capital and nothing but a hunger to be better, Regal Assets, led by Tyler Gallagher, has become a powerhouse in the crypto and gold IRA market.

Today, they stand to continue their momentum and become one of the fastest-growing gold IRA companies in the United States. All it does is prove that they’re doing something right.

Regal Assets Services

  • Insured, Segregated Storage: The IRS demands that your metals are stored in proper deposities in order to count for your gold IRA, which is why Regal Assets does everything they can to find the best storage options, all fully insured.
  • IRA Rollovers: You can rollover your IRA accounts and 401(k) without worry; they make the process as pain-free as possible so you don’t have to worry.
  • Short Wait Times: Turnaround refers to the time it takes from when you purchase gold to it actually showing up in your vault, and with Regal Assets, it doesn’t take long at all.
  • Free Gold IRA Kit: If you aren’t sure where you want to start, Regal Assets gives you free gold kit to give you all the information in one place.

Regal Assets Fees & Costs


Investment Minimum

Annual Fees

Precious Metals IRA





$150 (if stored in a depository; $0 if stored by you)

These are the fees you can expect to see when you go with Regal Assets.

  • Fees Are Waived First Year: That’s something to be excited about. Be sure that this is in effect when you sign up for your account.
  • Initial Setup: No fee associated whatsoever.
  • Annual Administration Fees: $100.00; it’s a bit higher than some other gold IRA programs, but not super high
  • Annual Storage Fees: These are a flat $150.00, and again this can be on the higher side, but it’s a necessary cost and with their custodian services being top-tier, it’s not a bad price at all

Their fee structure is entirely flat rate based, so you won’t incur a larger fee if you steadily increase the amount of gold in your IRA (some firms do this). You’ll be able to build your wealth with zero worries.

Is Regal Assets Right for You?

For many first-time investors, Regal Assets is a great choice, although some may be daunted and choose to go with another gold wholesaler instead.

If you don’t know a lot about gold investing, Regal Assets has a decent amount of educational information, but may be suited for more seasoned investors as opposed to beginners.

Make the decision based on your current financial goals first, but Regal Assets is an excellent choice for anyone.

Regal Assets FAQ's

Is Regal Assets legit?

Yes, Regal Assets is one of the many legitimate businesses that deal with real gold IRAs. It can be difficult to pinpoint scams when it comes to precious metals, but thankfully, the court of public opinion over their 10+ year long history is just the tip of the iceberg.

Through accreditation, reviews, and working with some of the best gold sellers in the country, Regal Assets has asserted themselves as the premiere solution for gold and precious metals.

You can do your own independent research to see just how legitimate they are—you won’t be disappointed.

How long has Regal Assets been in business?

Regal Assets actually has one of the longest-standing histories in the business. Since 2009, under the guidance of founder Tyler Gallagher, Regal Assets has been providing cutting-edge solutions to gold IRA accounts.

While it can be a difficult space to innovate, Regal Assets including cryptocurrency in their IRA programs is a massive push forward to allow for more diverse portfolios.

Beyond their humble beginnings, we enjoy these folks because they’re always looking forward and ensuring you’re right at the forefront of investing. Their long history (12 years is a long time in the gold IRA space) proves that.

Which types of retirement accounts can I rollover to a gold IRA?

Most IRA accounts can be rolled over. Talking with a representative or agent will ensure which ones are allowed (these policies can change from time to time).

Roth IRAs, simple IRAs, and plenty of other IRA account types should all be able to rollover with no problem whatsoever.

Is there a buyback program? If so, what is the criteria?

Regal Assets does offer a buyback program. The criteria can change, however, they’re open to helping you liquidate your gold and silver with relatively short notice.

Contact your agent in Regal Assets to get started (a phone call is the fastest way). They’ll be able to walk you through everything step by step.

Buyback programs can change from the time you’ve started your gold IRA, which is why it’s important to have a representative walk you through the process so you can know what to expect.

How long will the rollover process take with Regal Assets?

Rollover processes can take a while depending on the account type, but suffice to say, they will do their best to ensure the process happens quickly on their end.

Your financial institution holding your IRA may take some time to transfer appropriately. Be sure to discuss this with your financial institution prior to making this decision and speak with someone in charge who can expedite the process for you, or at least provide insight into how long it should take.

Compare to Other Companies

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Regal Assets

Regal Assets is an alternative asset investment firm that specializes in a proprietary IRA you can use to invest in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

  • Regal Assets
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  • On December 10, 2021
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Review Summary:

Regal Assets is an alternative asset investment firm that specializes in a proprietary IRA you can use to invest in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Review of: Regal Assets

Reviewed by:
On December 10, 2021
Last modified:February 6, 2022


Regal Assets is an alternative asset investment firm that specializes in a proprietary IRA you can use to invest in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

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