5 Best Places to Buy Silver Bars Online

Let's take a look at some of the best places to buy silver bars online in the United States in [month] [year].

I’ve been observing trends in our economy and using it to our reader’s favor for years, and today, I’m going to share my observations on on investing in gold silver coins, silver bullion bars, platinum and palladium etc so that it can follow us within our research journey.

This article explores the necessary measure you must take while buying Silver bullion, and as always I’ll make sure you’re well informed before purchasing any sort of gold and silver.

It’s all too easy to jump headfirst into an investment nowadays without committing to due diligence. Facing up to the task of educating yourself on the matter will make you a better Investor and it may just save your portfolio. Many people believe investing in gold and silver is a piece of cake.

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Why you MUST do Research Before Buying

Think about it for a second.

You wouldn't take a hundred-dollar bill and feed it to a goat, but the latter could happen if you dive head first into buying silver without any proper research. You need to know the spot price, coin round, etc of gold silver before diving head first.

In researching the matter, you can avoid scammers, and negligent dealers who rip you off with a low quality silver. Many investors have been under scam and fraudulent attacks  when considering a purchase of gold and silver.

You don't want to be that person that gets talked into ‘art bars' or rare coins that fetch you very little actual Silver for the prices advertised. In order to invest in high quality gold silver, committing to your due diligence is essential.

BEFORE you buy any sort of bars silver or gold, arm yourself with knowledge  and form your plan from there. Do some research on on buying techniques for gold and silver bars as these tips follow us in our future investments.

I urge you to watch this video below on 2x speed. It's still relevant in today's market. Once you've done that, continue reading to learn about picking the right Silver dealer.

Picking the RIGHT Silver Bullion Dealer For You

When comparing bullion bar dealers, it helps to see their product pages side by side.

I recommend opening several sites on different tabs so you can instantly toggle from one to another to see how they compare on the better business bureau.

Some sites, such as PMBull, display several reputable sites offering the best deals of the day. They do some of the legwork for you. They can provide you with reliable and affordable deals for gold silver investments.

Another good rule of thumb is to check the ‘About Us' section for each dealer. In doing this, you'll discover some of the morals and ethics behind the company you're investing with.

Remember, if your goal is to own silver to save yourself from possible hyperinflation or government disasters (like another pandemic), you want to get the most silver for your dollars in as liquid a form as possible. This way even 1 oz of silver can benefit you twice as much.

Don't let sales people pressure you into buying high-priced rare and numismatic silver coins, private mints, and gold bars. These items are very illiquid, and not recommended for beginners.

Some things to compare from dealer to dealer are:

best places to buy silver bars

1. Shipping Costs

Some bullion bars dealers offer free shipping on all orders. This means either you buy a bulk of silver bullion bars from Johannesburg or Royal Canadian mint by Johnson Matthey, and they can’t charge you a penny. Others grant free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. Some have flat shipping rates, and others charge by order weight. It might even be a good idea to make a quick spreadsheet to analyse these factors as you do your research.

2. Premiums Over Spot

Since most bullion dealers compete fiercely for your business, premiums over spot will usually be listed as the lowest you can get. However, that figure may well represent the price for large bulk orders and not what they charge for single-item or small orders such as silver coins, private mints or silver rounds.. A good dealer will list the range right up front so you don't have to dig.

3. Fees for Certain Types of Payment Methods

The more fees attached to a payment method, the more premium over spot you are paying. In light of that, price over spot is not your only consideration. Since merchants who accept credit cards pay about 4% to process them, they pass that cost on to you. The same goes for wire transfers and certain bank transactions. Some sites offer discounts if you pay by personal, business or cashier check. You'll have to wait for your check or money order to clear before they ship. You'll still save money this way. We've even seen Silver dealers advertise that they accept Bitcoin. Whatever payment you choose, make sure that it has the least costs attached with your bars silver or gold and other private mints..

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4. Buy-Back Rates

Compare how much over spot the dealer will pay if you want to sell your gold and silver product back. While this may be of no concern to you while in accumulation mode, it could become an issue if you unexpectedly have to liquefy your silver holdings. As silver bars come less handy when liquified and they won’t get any benefit from it.

5. Locked-in Prices

Find out from each dealer if they will lock in your purchase price at checkout and how long they will hold the order while you arrange for payment. Most online sites price their metals based on the ticker tape from COMEX which can make rapid and large changes throughout the day. Once the order is locked in, you agree to pay that price even if spot drops off a cliff five minutes later. Conversely, you won't pay any more, either, if the price spikes.

6. Insurance

I'd fall out of my highchair if any bullion dealer worth its salt did not insure their shipments. It is necessary that your silver bar comes in a sealed box when you buy it online. As bullion bars have to be handled with upmost care. However, do compare sites to see if you pay separately for the insurance or if it is rolled into the shipping charges.

5 Best Place to Buy Silver Bars Online ([month] Review)

In no particular order, these are my top picks for online dealers of silver bars based off of security, customer service, and pricing:

SD Bullion

In business since 2012 and accredited with the BBB since 2014 (A+ rated), they offer more than just precious metals. They also offer deals on survival supplies, which tells me they're not ex-Wall Street traders branching out into their own business. In fact, they are doctors with a passion for sound money and distrust of fiat. They're far more aware of the situation than most.

While they don't announce their shipping and buy-back prices, and their selections are fairly limited, I'm willing to work through their process to buy interesting silver bars because of their reputation for honesty and commitment to low pricing. Also, once you land on the site, a service representative window opens offering live chat to answer any questions for you. I like not having to search around for real people to talk to if I need help.

Buy Gold and Silver

JM Bullion

A+ rated and BBB accredited since 2014, I really like JM Bullion for their free shipping and large selection of silver bars and coin rounds. They are particularly known for their customer service and many investors have reviewed it as one of the best. They may well be the leaders in precious metal online sales, boasting over 30,000 orders shipped per month. You simply can't maintain volumes like that if your prices and service were less than amazing. Their BBB profile shows, as of this writing, that 370 people reviewed their site. Out of those only eight were negative, but each negative review received a response from JM Bullion that either explained the confusion or offered to do what they could to satisfy the customer. I'd say JM Bullion has certainly earned its reputation as a great place to buy your silver bars.

Silver Gold Bull

This is a good site for viewing the pricing range per product so you know right up front what the premiums are. Plus, they have some very low prices on silver bars and gold coins along with a terrific selection. They've been accredited with the BBB since 2012 and have zero complaints within the past year, as of this writing. Shipping is free for orders over $99. Anything less ships at a flat rate of $9.95. They keep a ticker tracker of spot prices at the top of the page, which is handy. Actually most sites do, these days.

best place to buy silver

Silver Gold Bull offers a price match guarantee wherein if you find a product at a lower cost, including shipping and any other fees, and if they have an exact match in stock, they will not only sell their matching product at the competitor's price, they promise you a better overall experience. Since they have a substantial selection, you may even get to capitalize on their price match offer.

APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange)

APMEX has been accredited with the BBB since 2004 and has an A+ rating. They offer the same shipping deals as Silver Gold Bull but with better premium prices. And it's no wonder, with over ten thousand products on offer and over a decade of reliable sales behind them. Their volumes enable them to keep premiums low. Their staff are always friendly and easy to work with whether you're buying product or selling to them. They've had the time to develop into one of the best online dealers I know. Click here to read our full review of APMEX.

TPM (Texas Precious Metals)

TPM, headquartered in clean, little Shiner, Texas, is owned by a five-generation family company, the Kaspars. That collection of companies has deep roots in Texas, all the way back to 1898. They sell quite an array of silver bars, some minted under their own brand. I'm always impressed with the low premiums and the free shipping on all packages. But the most appealing aspect of TPM to me is that they will sell you any quantity of product and never report it. How they can do this where others can't remains a mystery, but for those of us who value our privacy in metal transactions, you simply can't go wrong with TPM. They, too are accredited with the BBB and proudly maintain an A+ rating. All order fulfillment is videotaped, so, in the unlikely event anything were to go awry, you can review the tape to see exactly what went into your package. I know of no other dealer who does this very smart thing.


After educating yourself on silver bullion, the need to own it, what to look for and what to run from, you should be set to start buying.

Compare your shopping experiences with any of these online dealers of silver bars, silver rounds, and be sure to write reviews for them. Every business worth its bullion wants your feedback regardless whether or not your purchase is silver bullion coins or bullion bars. If they blew it, let them know, it helps them improve.

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If they met or exceeded your expectations, let them know that, too. Your genuine reviews help other customers find the best place to buy their own silver bars and private mints online.

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  1. One fact regarding the BBB that I would like to share. Our company had a B rating with the BBB. Then we decided to become accredited, meaning we paid them ( $600) per year and became accredited. ALSO, our rating was increased to A+. Nothing changed with our customer ratings, only thing that changed was we paid the fee. I always share this story with as many people as I can, because the rating is fixed, period. As a result, BBB ratings of A+ are meaningless. Can still use the BBB site to see negative reviews and see how the company responds.

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