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Best 10 oz Silver Bars to Buy – How Much Is a 10 oz Silver Worth Today?

Ryan Carey
May 20, 2020

Silver has long been an asset that is great to have in times of instability. And right now, silver is very cheap. Because it’s such a good time to buy, let’s have another look at silver.

 As a precious metal, silver is a “safe haven” asset that is worth having. Now is the right time to buy. But before you do, there are a few things you need to know. So, let’s go over the best kinds of silver to buy right now. Then we’ll go over where to get silver and what to look for. 

10 oz Silver Bar - Current Price and Predictions

During recessions, silver doesn’t tend to do well. But when compared to financial instruments like stocks, silver is far superior during a recession. Over time, it has proven itself to be a reliable asset that doesn’t lose its value in the long run.

From the end of the recession in the late 90s, the price of silver started to drop.

In October of 2001, a 10oz silver bar dropped to a low of $61.00. But since then, silver rose in value. During the 2008 recession, silver’s price growth slowed down but didn’t contract. In fact, Spring of 2011 saw silver floating at around $400 per 10oz bar. But after 2011, the price of silver started falling, while stock markets started rising again.

The “Great Recession” of 2007-2009 actually pushed silver to record prices in US Dollars.

After the recession, silver prices steadily declined throughout the 2010s, but it hasn’t fallen or risen during the COVID-19 pandemic so far. As of May 2020, the price of Silver is $17 per oz and rising.

What Moves Silver?

 Like all commodities, silver’s price is driven by supply and demand. But compared to gold, silver’s price fluctuations have consistently been more unpredictable.

 Apart from basic supply and demand, Silver prices are moved by:

  • Old Scraps

  • Old technologies (think old camera film) used to consume a lot of silver. Now, scraps are being melted down and their silver is being taken back into the market.

  • New Technologies

 Silver is a unique material with unique physical characteristics. While some old uses for silver have been delegated to other metals, new tech like solar panels consume a lot of silver.

 The changing technological landscape plays a big roll in silver prices.


Silver is a “safe haven asset”, alongside assets like gold and the Japanese Yen. When bad news breaks, many investors sell their riskier assets and move towards assets like silver.

US Dollar Strength 

Silver tends to be priced lower when the US Dollar is stronger.

Central Banks 

Central banks around the world store and trade vast amounts of silver bullion. Their actions also affect silver prices. When the economy is weak, they tend to buy more precious metals, increasing prices. 

What Happens Now?

No one can predict the future with perfect accuracy. But given the state of the global economy, the next few years should see steady price increases for silver. Should the US face a currency crisis, the price of silver will rise even higher. As industrial demand for silver wanes and personal demand increases, you can expect to see a slow rise. A slowdown in the mining of silver and the production of silver bars will somewhat anchor the price of silver.

Click the link below to purchase Silver Bullion safely, and securely with our #1 recommended Silver dealer with the best prices in the United States. 

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Best Place to Buy a 10 oz Silver Coin or Bar

Buying silver is easy. These days, buying silver online is the most convenient option. You can become an owner of silver almost instantly by purchasing online. And you don’t need to talk to anyone or even take too much time to do so.

When you’re looking for silver on or offline, the reputation of the seller is key. Good sellers will conduct their business honestly. By that, we mean they will:

  • Offer fair prices

  • Be transparent about extra fees

  • Meet purity standards

  • Lock in prices at the checkout

  • Offer insurance for their shipments

Money Metals Exchange

Our recommendation for silver would be Money Metals Exchange.

Money Metals Exchange provides all the key factors listed above. They’ve offered quality silver and quality service since 2012. They’re also accredited with the Better Business Bureau, with whom they have an A+ rating.

Money Metals Exchange offers fair rates and no hidden fees. But they also offer security. Your personal and payment information is safe with them, so long as you keep the information on their platforms. All you need to do is search for their 10oz bars and buy. Their website is easy to use and doesn’t require much time.

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Why should I buy Silver today?

Is now a good time to buy silver, or is any time a good time? How can investors take advantage of silvers' low price in the long run? 

Silver is seldom a bad investment. Especially when you buy it when it’s price is still down. Silver prices tend to shoot up during economic downturns, especially when they were already low before a recession began. Investing in gold or silver now will almost certainly benefit you in the coming months.

The reason silver has always been valued is for its unique value. Precious metals serve as a hedge against inflation. Adding silver to your portfolio offers you unique protection against:

  • Inflation

  • Stock market crashes

  • Market panic

Silver can be a difficult asset to fit into your portfolio sometimes. But with a 10oz silver bar costing just over $170, now is the right time to buy.

Final Thoughts 

Silver is often overshadowed by its more expensive cousin, gold. But it’s not an asset you should overlook. It’s also a more affordable asset than you might imagine. Silver is cheap now, but it might not remain cheap for much longer.

A simple 10oz silver bar offers the benefits we’ve discussed. If you simply go to ​Money Metals Exchange, you can own your own 10oz silver bar in a matter of minutes. Your window of opportunity is here, but we don’t know how long it will stay.

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About the author 

Ryan Carey

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