Toluna Review: Why is this Survey Site so Popular?

toluna reviewIf you love answering online surveys or simply like having extra cash to spend, Toluna might be for you. They give users an opportunity to partake in a variety of online surveys and get paid for their efforts. With the number of survey sites out there that claim to be legit when they actually aren't, though, it's understandable if you are skeptical about Toluna's legitimacy.

By the end of our Toluna review, you’ll know for sure whether Toluna is a scam and if you should consider joining. We'll also be looking into how it works, how much you can earn by participating, and other opportunities this paid survey site offers.

About Toluna as a Brand

Toluna is among the most popular paid survey websites out there. The company behind the site specializes in performing marketing research for companies all over the world. It originally started in Paris, but now, it has more than 800 employees scattered across the globe.

The company started operations more than two decades ago, and as of 2018, it had an army of over 13 million registered survey takers from more than 80 countries. This large number of users from various demographics has enabled Toluna to assist companies from all over the world to gather feedback and useful consumer insights regarding their products.

Toluna distinguishes itself from other paid survey sites by being reliable and open to candidates from various parts of the world. This is unlike other survey sites like Pinecone Research that only accept candidates from the US, UK, and Canada.

Another way that Toluna separates itself from the crowd of survey sites is it allows its members to select what category or niche they’d like to answer surveys from. So, instead of being limited to answering boring surveys on topics you care nothing about, you can pick categories, such as travel, tech, and others, to make your experience with Toluna more interesting.

Something else about Toluna that’s unique is its Battles, Thumb it, and Gifties. These terms may seem strange to you but don’t worry because we’ll be looking at them in detail later on in this Toluna survey review.

The platform performs most of its market research through surveys and questionnaires targeted at specific demographics. In the surveys, you’ll be asked a variety of questions regarding products and services. Your answers will provide insights that companies can use to tweak their products and marketing efforts.

For each survey you complete and submit, you are awarded points, which can be converted into cash and other rewards.

To increase your chances of receiving surveys on Toluna, you must have a detailed and well-filled profile that best represents your demographic. It’s best not to lie in your profile or else you could end up receiving surveys that make no sense to you.

Each survey on Toluna takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete and range between straightforward and slightly complicated. Fortunately, if a survey is causing you confusion, you can quickly seek help from Toluna’s diverse and vast community. Members of the community are usually more than happy to assist other members.

Completing a questionnaire can reward you with anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 points, sometimes more, depending on the length and difficulty of the survey. You can select a questionnaire to answer on the Toluna platform or be specifically invited to answer others that are a perfect fit for your profile—see why doing a good job on your profile is important?

Before selecting a survey, you can easily decide if it’s the right one for you by looking at the information provided regarding it. If you plan on picking surveys randomly or lying in your profile, know that each survey starts with questions that are designed to determine if you are the right respondent for it.

Based on your answers to these questions, the system will know whether to disqualify you from taking the rest of the survey or if to let you continue.

Aside from taking surveys, Toluna members can participate in product testing to earn points. Product testing involves testing products that are delivered to your home and provide feedback based on your experience. You also get to keep the product you tested.

Participating in sponsored mini-polls is another way to earn with Toluna. These polls are a string of yes or no questions, at the end of which you can earn about a hundred points. You can also refer friends to Toluna, and for each one that joins, you get 500 points.

If you decide that you’d like to join Toluna’s crew of more than ten million strong survey respondents, you’ll be happy to know that joining is totally free. This is important because a lot of the scam survey sites out there trick people by getting them to pay to join and then leave them hanging. With Toluna, there are no such risks.

How Does the Site Work?

Do a quick search of best online survey sites, and Toluna will likely pop up. The reason for this platform's popularity is mostly because of how the site works. For our Toluna review, we took the site for a spin, and we admit it was an interesting experience.

To sign up with Toluna, you have to be at least 13 years old. You are eligible to sign up regardless of where you are from or where you are in the world, which makes it ideal if you travel a lot. Signing up is free, and as soon as you sign up, you receive 500 points in your account to do with as you please.

We noticed that after signing up, you have to verify your email, or else, you won't have access to prizes, Gifties, and other features. The process of verifying your email doesn't take long, so it's not a big deal.

You also have the option of customizing your profile image. Customizing your profile image may not be necessary, but as we earlier stated, updating your profile details with the most accurate information about yourself is. If not, you may not get that many surveys assigned to you.

toluna app

For those of us who like to work on the go, Toluna has a mobile app that lets you receive and answer surveys on the go, monitor your earnings, create polls, and accomplish much more. There’s an app for Android and iOS users, and you can also access your profile via a web browser on a computer.

Making money on Toluna is relatively straightforward. You get paid to take surveys on their platform, be it through their website or mobile app. Surveys are assigned to you based on the details in your profile. Once there’s a survey that matches your profile, you’ll be alerted.

After you've completed and submitted the questionnaire, you are awarded points that you can withdraw as cash through PayPal or as a check. You can also redeem your points as an Amazon, Walmart Starbucks, or iTunes gift card, or as a Giftie.

The type of surveys you’ll be required to answer on Toluna can be generally classified into Profile Surveys and Longer Surveys.

Profile surveys are short and only take a couple of minutes to complete. Because of their brevity, each one is worth about a hundred points. Toluna uses profile surveys to understand you better so that they can send you the most relevant surveys. For instance, a profile survey I took asked if I prefer PCs or Macs. I went with PCs. Based on this, it’s safe to assume Toluna won’t be sending me any surveys on Apple laptops.

The more profile surveys you answer, the more targeted surveys will be sent your way. Because you’ll be sent surveys that best match your profile, you won’t have to worry about getting disqualified, unless you’ve been lying in the profile surveys.

Longer surveys are, well, longer than profile surveys. Each one takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete and can be worth between 1,000 and 2,000 points, or more. You can select what category you’d like a longer survey to come from. For instance, I did longer surveys on tech and cars.

Once you've picked a category, you'll be taken to a page that describes what surveys are available for your chosen category. How many points you can earn and how long it'll take to complete it will also be listed on such pages.

toluna rev

Your profile and the categories you select will determine how many surveys are made available to you in a day. More niche categories may have fewer options available. Your profile indicates your demographic, so, you’ll only be able to access surveys that are meant for those within that demographic.

For example, a friend's profile indicated that he's in his forties and lives in an urban area, but he selected a survey that was meant for females in their 20s. After answering the first few questions, he was disqualified from the survey.

The reason for this is Toluna wants only candidates that can provide the type of answers that its clients want. Getting answers from the wrong persons from the wrong demographic will lead to false marketing research results.

If disqualified from a survey, you’ll be informed within minutes to avoid you wasting your time and effort.

Depending on your commitment and how many surveys you qualify for in a day, you can earn up to 10,000 points in an hour with Toluna. For every survey you complete, you get points deposited into your Toluna wallet. About 3,000 points are worth $1, and you need at least $5 worth of points before you can redeem your points and make a withdrawal.

You can redeem your points in any of the following ways:

  • Giftie: Gifties are unique to Toluna. If you are impatient to get enough points to make a withdrawal, you can try your luck with a Giftie. It's a bit of a gamble where some of your points will be taken, anywhere between 50 and 500 points. In exchange, you may or may not win a prize. The prize could be a gift card, an appliance, or something equally exciting. You can have your prize sent directly to you or a friend or loved one.
  • Gift Cards: There are dozens of gift cards from various stores that you can use to redeem your accumulated points. Imagine our surprise when we saw the lowest-priced gift card would cost 30,000 points.
  • PayPal: If you are patient enough, you can wait until you have up to 90,000 points to withdraw cash through PayPal.
  • Check: Aside from PayPal, you can also redeem your points as cash and receive it as a check but note that it may take weeks for it to reach you.
  • Sweepstakes: You can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $4,500, among other prizes. The sweepstakes are held monthly, and you need to be an active Toluna member with a profile picture to participate.

If you prefer, you can also donate your earnings to charity via the platform. Aside from earning points through surveys and product testing, you can also have some fun with Battles and Thumb Its.

In Battles, you get to give your opinion about products that are being compared to other products. With Thumb Its, other Toluna members can give a thumbs down or thumbs up to an opinion you’ve shared. Performing either of these actions will earn you points, albeit fewer points than if taking a survey.

Is the Site Legit?

Our Toluna review won’t be complete without answering that important question, “is Toluna a scam?”

No, it is not.

Toluna has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is the highest rating any business can get on the platform and a good indication that Toluna is a legitimate enterprise.

Further proof that it’s legit can be seen in Toluna’s active social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can follow Toluna on these platforms to discover new special offers and stay abreast of the latest announcements from the company.

The feedback from people who have used Toluna is generally mixed. I found many that were happy and others who complained that after being on a survey for several minutes, they were suddenly disqualified from continuing the survey, losing the precious time they’d already spent on the survey.

To avoid this, we recommend being honest in your profile.

Toluna is not perfect, but I’m yet to see a paid survey site that is. At the very least, it is legit and rewards its members after they’ve successfully completed a survey. So, yes, Toluna is a good way for you to make extra money on the side without worrying about being scammed. It can take a while to rack up enough points to withdraw via PayPal, check, or a gift card, but if you keep at it, you will meet your goal.

The Good and the Bad

We've gathered a list of pros and cons from our experiences as well as from other toluna reviews that we've read to help you decide if this survey site is something you should sign up for.


  • It is free to join. Beyond being free to join, anyone from any part of the world can become a member.
  • They have a detailed “help” page that contains all the information you could possibly need regarding using the site.
  • The website and app are both very user-friendly, making it easy to update your profile, fill surveys, redeem earnings, and more.
  • Members can respond to surveys from various categories, which minimizes the likelihood of using Toluna becoming monotonous and boring.
  • Support from community members from all around the world.
  • You have a variety of options regarding how to redeem your earnings. There’s PayPal, getting a check, gift cards, or a giftie.
  • If you partake in product testing, you get to keep the product as well as earn points.
  • Toluna surveys are simple and don’t take long.
  • You can participate in sweepstakes for an opportunity to win thousands of dollars every month.


  • Compared to other paid survey sites, the delivery of your rewards can take a long time. It can take days to get your earned points, and sometimes as long as weeks.
  • Points expire after just 16 months of earning them. This means that if you are unable to accumulate as many points as you’d like to withdraw within 16 months, you could lose the points you've already earned.
  • Incidents of suddenly canceling a survey a member has already qualified for and is already working on.
  • The pay is a bit low, especially considering the number of points that are needed to make a dollar.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from our Toluna review, this platform is legit and works, but whether you can successfully earn with it and how much you can earn depends on a variety of factors. Some members do have issues with being disqualified mid-survey, but this isn't a universal gripe.

The site only wants people who fit a particular profile working on specific surveys. To minimize the chances of having a survey you are working on being canceled, I advise that you only provide accurate and truthful information in your profile. And if you want to maximize your earnings sign up for other legit platforms as well.

The issue of how long it takes to get your reward from Toluna is something else to bear in mind. It takes longer than other survey websites and can be frustrating, but at the end of the day, whether or not Toluna is something you’d like to try will ultimately be decided by if the pros of using the platform outweigh the cons for you.

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