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On October 25, 2014
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An inner circle that provides education on bitcoins, precious metals, and protection against a possible economic collapse.

Success Council logoThe world is going to hell in a hand basket – there are a lot of people and websites discussing that topic. But along comes a site – Success Council – that not only talks about it, but they also provide concrete steps as to how to survive it, thrive in it, and prepare to build a better world on the other side of the oncoming global train wreck.

A lot of people, probably the majority, dismiss this kind of talk as being part and parcel of the radical fringe. But if you are of the opinion that we are heading into just such a debacle, then this is one website that you need to spend some serious time on.

What is the Success Council?

The Success Council is a group who not only believe that a train wreck is coming, but that we should prepare for it on multiple fronts. After spending some time on the site, I was able to identify two names, Conrad White and Max Wright. Both are narrators on a series of video casts that appear on the site.

The group has three goals that it believes are integral to rebuilding society and the economy after the global crash:

  1. Reduce the size and power of government
  2. Return to a free market economy
  3. Embrace the idea of personal liberty and responsibility

They believe that they can accomplish those objectives in three ways:

  1. Educate 10 million people
  2. Make 100,000 families rich
  3. Make 5,000 leaders to create one free society

Idealistic? An impossible dream? A complete fantasy on all fronts? The council doesn’t think so.

They provide an abundance of information indicating that the world, and the US in particular, has abandoned its founding principles, and is now spinning toward collapse and the ultimate impoverishment of the middle class. They believe nothing short of a massive education campaign can prepare people for what’s coming.

The Blog

The blog bears the name of the group, the Success Council. Unlike traditional blogs, it's comprised mostly of video casts, rather than articles.

Categories on the site include:

  • War on Drugs
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Prepping
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Federal Reserve
  • Education
  • Ideology
  • World Economy
  • Secession
  • Personal Finances
  • Internationalization
  • Members Area Highlights
  • Bitcoin

They see all of these diverse categories as playing an important role in both the decline of the real economy, and the methodology as to improve the situation. As one might expect, the viewpoints that they present are completely out of the box within the context of the traditional media and public debate.

The authors are very deliberate to point out the fact that most of the issues they discuss are intentionally withheld from public disclosure. Obstruction of the truth is considered to be an integral part of the problems that we have today, and the public is purposely being kept in the dark in order to keep the fantasy economy rolling.

“The Great Wealth Transfer”

The premise of the council and the blog is the oncoming “Great Wealth Transfer”. In fact, they maintain that the transfer is already well underway, but will intensify until a major event fast forwards the entire global economic system into oblivion.

Great Wealth Transfer sounds like an almost inappropriate title for such a disastrous economic event. However, the authors point out that it is in fact the wealth transfer – currently from the poor and middle class up to the wealthy – that is causing the economic dysfunction we're seeing.

But they believe that a greater wealth transfer will occur once events begins spinning out of control. At that point, the transfer will go from the currently wealthy – and even more of the middle class – to those who are prepared for what is coming.

Success Council video

Money Making Opportunities

While education is considered to be the foundation of preparation for future events, the Council does believe that making money will be the ultimate outcome for those who are prepared. They advocate a base of precious metals – gold and silver – as well as participation in moneymaking opportunities that will be of historic proportions.

They believe that one of the outcomes we are now witnessing in slow-motion (but that will accelerate in the near future) is the end of the United States as the dominant economic, financial, and military power of the world. They note correctly that such a cataclysmic event is hardly unknown in history.

They point out that the most recent transfer occurred in 1956, when Egypt seized control of the Suez Canal, and Britain prepared a military response that was blocked by the US. Although the actual shift of power from Britain to the US had already occurred years earlier, the Suez crisis was seen as the point of confirmation. Egypt was taking control of the Suez Canal, the US validated that move, and once-dominant Britain could do nothing about it.

They believe that such an event is coming very soon, only this time it is the US that will be shown to be the next fallen power. As evidence, they cite the inability of the US to prevent Russia’s seizing of Crimea.

Where will this lead? The fall of the United States as the dominant world power will lead to (or be caused by) the collapse of the US dollar as the international reserve currency, and cause all kinds of dislocation in its path.

But while the authors readily acknowledge that investments in traditional assets – stocks, bonds, real estate, and other conventional assets – will collapse in value as a result of the power shift, the door will be open wide to nontraditional investments, causing a massive wealth transfer in favor of those who are prepared..

“The Tipping Point”

One such investment opportunity they are very positive about is Bitcoin. They have declared that Bitcoin is likely to be the next major investment shift, on a par with credit cards, fax machines, and the Internet.

Each of these innovations started out as fledgling ideas that seemed impossible at the start. Each technology was a game changer, in that it had the ability to revolutionize the way humanity does business. But in order to get to that point, each had to achieve critical mass. That means that there had to be a large enough number of people on the customer side participating in the new system, as well as a rising number of merchants willing to accommodate those customers.

The early point of general acceptance is called The Tipping Point, the point at which a new concept achieves critical mass, and its future place in the global system is assured. They believe that Bitcoin is currently functioning somewhere just before its tipping point. Though it continues to be derided by the media and financial establishment, it is nonetheless moving steadily forward.

There are currently several hundred thousand people around the world who are using Bitcoin for payment. There are also tens of thousands of businesses that are now either accepting it for payment, or working out strategies to do just that.

Capitalizing on the Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity Presented by Bitcoin

The Success Council believe that Bitcoin is heading toward that tipping point, and that the event could be accelerated by a collapse of the US dollar. In that environment, capital will begin flight into alternative stores of value, including precious metals and cyber currencies, of which Bitcoin is the leading candidate.

But they believe that the biggest money to be made in the Bitcoin revolution won't be from investing in the cyber currency itself, but from the industries and businesses that will be in a position to profit from the currency shift.

The big money will come from the early adapters – those who get in when the entire regime looks speculative, and the mainstream is still resisting it.

They put together a three-part program to help you capitalize on the Bitcoin revolution:
Bitcoin Inner Circle

  • Bitcoin Starter Kit – This is Success Council’s intro to the Bitcoin phenomenon. It will teach you to create a Bitcoin wallet, hold and protect your Biticoins, buy and sell them, use them for everyday purchases, accept them in your business, and Bitcoin security. The cost of the program is $47.
  • Bitcoin Mastery Program – This program gets into the economic and political aspects of Bitcoin. The cost to join is $97, and the authors claim that it has made millions of dollars for its members.
  • Bitcoin Inner Circle – This is a subscription service at $47 per month. It includes both programs above, but also insider information, including news and interviews, on all things related to Bitcoin. The information is refreshed every month, and includes news on new startups, new product developments and new opportunities before they become available to the masses. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

You can get more information on the three programs by clicking here and watching the video they’ve prepared to explain them. This video is fascinating to watch, even if you have no intention of participating in any of the programs.

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