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VantagePoint Software Review – Up to 86% Trading Accuracy

August 16, 2015
VantagePoint Software

Reviewed by:
On August 16, 2015
Last modified:February 5, 2022


Market analysis and trading software to forecast the markets

There are hundreds of trading tools available online, but VantagePoint software takes up a spot all of its own. This is because it uses inter-market predictive analysis software, meaning it predicts what tomorrow’s prices will be.

This sounds like an incredibly complicated algorithm is used, which is true, but VantagePoint believes they have created something easy to use and easy to understand. I had to give it a try.

What is VantagePoint Software?

The software was developed by world famous trading software pioneer Louis Mendelsohn. He broke ground in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the first trading software that performed back testing and system optimization for the personal computer.

In the mid to late 1980s he again broke ground by introducing the world’s first global inter-market analysis software known as VantagePoint. This software essentially looks at the possible moving averages (MAs) that can happen within a trading environment. This, in itself, is nothing new.

What is new and different, however, is that VantagePoint does this around four days before the MA actually happens. This means that traders no longer have to chase trades, get in late, get out late and give up potential gains.

The Company and software y also claim that their accuracy is 75% to 80%, which is very high and something that if true could produce tremendous profits for traders and investors.. Through the course of my review I have seen many independent and 3rd party verifications of the software’s accuracy.

I was also pleased to see these tests cover periods of time from the late 1990s all the way through today. That shows not only accuracy, but also tremendous consistency, something traders sorely lack in many cases.

The most beautiful thing about the entire interface is that they now also offer a chart interface. This is shown in a type of spreadsheet model with various columns that show the story of the market. This picture is highly accurate and shows exactly how many pips will be included in the expected crossover.

The software is designed to be user friendly, which means it is also quite plain in its overall look. However, this doesn’t mean it is also plain in terms of their trading capabilities. The interface is straightforward without any needless clutter or confusion.

Rather, their predicted market directions and high and lows line up with their indicator. This means that you can simply place your entry orders and start trading.

How it Works

You will be presented with a report full of data and you should be able to make a trading decision within 10 or 15 seconds. You can apply this across the different markets that operate in different time zones.

The system is designed to be usable by amateur and advanced traders alike. The way the information is generated is literal ‘rocket science’ but the information provided to the trader on a daily basis is very easy to understand an act on.

It’s also important to mention that this technology has two patents on it making it quite unique and it’s this very technology which gives traders the edge they won’t find elsewhere.

Naturally, trading is always risky and you are likely to make a few mistakes along the way. However, overall, you should see an increase in your profits very quickly.

The reality is also that losses are things that you can learn from. Yes, it is a costly education, but it is highly valuable at the same time. VantagePoint is designed to teach you about things that you would otherwise never have heard about, particularly in terms of price action.

Essentially, the VantagePoint software takes the uncertainty out of trading. You can use it either to confirm your own projections or projections you have seen elsewhere. Alternatively, if you do not know how to make any predictions at all, you can use the system as your mentor and as a standalone software program.

How You Can Use VantagePoint

Vantage Point is designed to be suitable for all kinds of traders. This is why, when you sign up to the software, you can choose different markets that you are interested in. This includes:

  • Futures and commodities, which looks at 8 categories, covering 65 different markets.
  • US stocks, focusing on 12 different sectors.
  • UK stocks, focusing on 12 different sectors.
  • Canadian stocks, also focusing on 12 different sectors.
  • ETFs, which looks at the 7 different elements of ETFs.  This includes forecasts for international ETFs, US ETFs, short and ultrashort ETFs and Canadian ETFs, to name but a few.
  • Forex, focusing on the currency market. It offers 26 different currency pairs, divided over Cross Pairs and Major Pairs.
  • India stocks, again looking at 12 different sectors.
  • Australian stocks, across 12 different sectors.

The different stock options always cover 12 different sectors, as you can see. These sectors include:

  1. Precious metals
  2. Energy
  3. Consumer goods
  4. Commercial services
  5. Health care
  6. Chemical
  7. Auto
  8. Financial industries
  9. Textiles
  10. Diversified technology
  11. Oil & gas
  12. Transportation

Clearly, regardless of the type of market that you focus on in your trading, you will be able to use VantagePoint software to your advantage. The company has tried to be as inclusive as possible in terms in terms of the different types of traders, and I feel they have really achieved this as well. The trademarked IntelliScan ® feature allows the technology to scan for profitable opportunities and point them out to the trader eliminating the need to sift through charts manually.

Additionally, by offering international markets, there is another opportunity to work across different markets all day long.

What I Liked about VantagePoint Software

  • You can get leading indicators for over 1,300 markets across all trading areas.
  • These leading indicators outperform the standard technical analysis we were all taught to use
  • The software tells you what the markets will do tomorrow or even further into the future. This means that making decisions about your own trading decisions is made really easy.
  • It is a very easy to use, highly intuitive system. It can be used by beginner and advanced traders alike, either as a standalone decision maker, or as a way to confirm other predictions and strategies.
  • The information was clear and easy to understand.
  • The output and prediction data generated is extremely accurate. Almost unbelievably accurate. I back tested the predictions to get a sense for the reliability and the consistency is there.
  • The software was easy to use, no programming and in just minutes each day you will know what trades should be taken.
  • The company is committed to supporting its customers and ensuring their success.
  • The Company has been in the trading software business since 1979 so I like their stability and commitment to the industry

What I Didn’t Like about Vantage Point

  • Some people have complained about the initial configuration of the system itself. The latest version of VantagePoint which is what I reviewed actually resolves that because they have streamlined the installation process.
  • Trying to print charts wasn’t very easy especially if you have customized your chart layout to a darker color.
  • There is no real option to connect the software to a brokerage platform so if you wanted to make a lot of trades each and every day you need to enter those orders into your brokerage platform. It will not do this automatically.But for the majority of traders, I think they would prefer to trade less frequently and make more on each trade and that’s exactly what the VantagePoint software is designed for and from my review I am confident that it will do everything advertised.

VantagePoint Reviews & Testimonials

The Final Verdict

VantagePoint has an excellent reputation when it comes to making highly accurate predictions. I know of no other software that promises 75% to 80% accuracy when it comes to predicting market movements and can actually live up to the claims and stand the test of time.

Anything can be right some of the time, but I have found this software program to be consistently accurate across all markets in several time frames. I think anyone who takes the time to understand the software – which is extremely simple to do – will enjoy the profits and ease of use.

It is important to remember, however, that it is not a trading system in itself. Rather, it offers insights using various indicators to predict what the market will be doing. It does so in an easy to understand method that allows the system to be used by beginners and advanced traders alike, either as a standalone system, or as a system to confirm other ideas.

It is a very useful and meaningful software program and I believe any self-respecting trader should use it to their advantage. Click here to get a Free market analysis!

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About the author 


Tom is a former accountant turned entrepreneur. He is not a financial adviser but does tend to give a lot of financial advice to his friends and colleagues. He currently runs a small online venture and blogs about his research and experiences.

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