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Donny Gamble
March 2, 2022
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TradeStation is an online stock trading platform with a plethora of features for beginners and experienced investors. In this TradeStation review, we’ll cover what they offer and what you’ll need to get started.

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Key Takeaways

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple asset classes available
  • Flexible and versatile platform for every level of experience

Pros & Cons

TradeStation is one of the most popular and advanced online trading platforms available today, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a lot to like. We’ll cover both pros and cons in this TradeStation review.

  • Commission-free trading
  • Hold a portfolio with multiple asset classes
  • Fast order fulfillment
  • Extensive research and educational tools
  • Confusing setup for beginners (maybe their customer support can help)
  • High KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements

TradeStation is an online stock trading platform with a plethora of features for beginners and experienced investors. In this TradeStation review, we’ll cover what they offer and what you’ll need to get started.

About TradeStation

TradeStation has its roots as Omega Research founded by brothers William and Rafael Cruz in 1982. After success in creating a proprietary coding language and writing financial software for traders, Omega Research morphed into TradeStation in 2001.

TradeStation’s coding language is called EasyLanguage. Using it, developers can create their own apps to integrate with the main TradeStation platform.

The TradeStation TradingApp store offers many free and paid add-ons that traders can use to enhance their trading strategies.  Dating back to its origins, TradeStation’s goal has been to provide traders with tools to test their own trading strategies.

This goal persists today within TradeStation’s modern offerings such as its extensive library of education and training material of courses, webinars, and community events.

TradeStation Products

No matter what class of assets you choose to invest in the equities markets, TradeStation has you covered. Stocks, Options, Commodity Futures, and even Cryptocurrency are available to buy, sell, or speculate.

These can be intimidating at first, so let’s review them one by one.  Stock trading is more popular than ever. Never have the barriers to entry been so low. 

In the past, you had to call your stock broker (a real person!) and put in your trades over the phone. This got to be time-consuming and impractical for filling orders quickly. But no longer.

No matter what company you’re looking to invest in, be it an established tech giant like Amazon, Tesla, or Facebook, it will be available on the TradeStation platform. If you are into Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), TradeStation has over 2000 available for trade.

If you’re looking to use leverage to trade on margin, TradeStation offers a competitive margin rate as low as 3.5% for high-balance accounts. If you’re just beginning your margin trading journey, a 9.5% rate is available.

Order execution times are vital for day traders. A slight variance in time can cost you hundreds (or even THOUSANDS) of dollars in your trade.

TradeStation can execute your orders in as little as 0.041 seconds for covered market and marketable limit equity orders.  If you have an existing stock portfolio, you can use those assets to earn some extra money.

TradeStation’s Fully Paid Stock Lending program lets you earn daily interest on your fully covered shares. You can make more money from assets you already own!

Are you interested in investing in IPOs? If you can get in on the ground floor and buy a company’s stock when it is first made available, an Initial Public Offering can create fortunes in a very short time.

ClickIPO is a TradeStation app that allows you to buy IPOs before they are available on the stock exchanges.  Option trading is another great way to buy or sell shares of stock at better prices.

The learning curve for options trading is rather steep, but TradeStation can help you get a hang of the basics. Learn how to buy and sell call and put options using OptionStation Pro, TradeStation’s proprietary option platform. 

Futures trading enables you to invest beyond the traditional stock market, precious metals, foreign currencies, oil and other energy commodities, and more. Similarly, futures options let you trade these same commodities via option chains to manage risk and get better prices.

Cryptocurrency is the newest asset class around. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or USDC, you can buy and sell crypto within TradeStation.

It’s even possible to buy traditional stocks, options, and futures using your crypto assets. No need to use any other platform for different asset classes!

If cryptocurrency is too cutting-edge and you’re interested in traditional Mutual Funds instead, no problem. With over 2000 different mutual funds available, there’s bound to be an expert fund manager with the right kind of fund for you and your investing goals.

Bonds are also represented on TradeStation. By their nature, bonds are far more stable and less volatile than stocks, futures, or crypto, so if you need something safe and reliable (although less lucrative), bonds are the way to go to earn regular income.

TradeStation Commissions & Fees

I’ve used a lot of stock brokers over the years. Some have been, shall we say, less than user-friendly. In the bad old days of high commissions owed for each trade, my gains weren’t always what they could have been.

Thankfully those days are over and you can avoid my headaches.  TradeStation makes trading easy with zero-commission trades. You won’t be instantly losing a percentage of your potential earnings by being charged an expensive commission every time you trade.

That can add up to a lot of lost earnings over time.  So when TradeStation says that all equities trades are commission-free, I sit up and take notice.

I’ve used stock brokers in the past that would hit me up with a $10 commission charge for every trade! And if you day trade, that can add up quickly. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

Although there are no commissions for trades, there may be fees per contract. Here’s a brief listing of contract fees you should be aware of:



Stocks & ETFs


Stock Options

$0 commission + $0.60 per contract


$0 commission + $1.50 per contract, per side

Micro Futures

$0 commission + $0.50 per contract, per side

Futures Options

$0 commission + $1.50 per contract, per side

In addition, TradeStation has no minimum balance requirement for cash accounts. You can make a deposit of any size at any time. However, for margin accounts and futures accounts, the minimum deposits are $2000 and $5000 respectively.

Also, there are no deposit fees.

Who is TradeStation Best For?

TradeStation offers something for every kind of trader at every level. From newbies to grizzled veterans like myself, TradeStation has tools and information products for us all.

More features and capabilities are added regularly. And best of all, they are all free!  Are you a complete investing neophyte? Don’t know where to start?

Learn about the market basics with TradeStation’s extensive library of training topics. You’ll learn about how to make your first trade a good one and the risks of trading as well. 

Do you need support getting started? If you have account setup issues, TradeStation provides a LiveChat function and a chatbot that can get you the answers and help you need.

Whatever your trading experience level, it’s worth your time to check out everything TradeStation has to offer. There’s no reason this TradeStation review can’t help you get started.

Change how you spend your free time making stock trades with confidence today!

TradeStation FAQ's

Can TradeStation be trusted?

Yes. Thousands of traders use TradeStation every day with no issues. TradeStation transactions are secure.

Is TradeStation good for beginners?

Yes. TradeStation has features good for any experience level, including beginners.

What is the minimum deposit for TradeStation?

  • $1 for a cash equities account. 
  • $2000 for a margin account.
  • $25000 for a day trading account.
  • $5000 for a futures account.

Compare to Other Brokers

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Whether you trade stocks, ETFs, options, or futures, TradeStation's award-winning desktop platform delivers the power, speed, and flexibility active traders demand.

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