Stock Market Basics

Stock Market Basics

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Before you invest in the stock market, it is important that you know the basic stock market definitions and different trading strategies.

This library of resources is designed for newbies all the way to seasoned investors to help equip you to make money in the stock market.

This can act as your stock market guide.

How to Start Investing with Only $500

Don't have a ton of money to invest? Here are 8 simple ways to invest if you only have $500.Explore this Resource

What Are Penny Stocks & How to Trade Them?

Penny stocks aren’t just a pink slip in a DiCaprio film; they’re real ways that people can invest in stocks with little startup, just like this.Explore this Resource

How to Make Money with Penny Stocks

Penny stock trading has a light of hope around it for low-tier investors, but can you actually make money with penny stocks? This article explains how you can.Explore this Resource

5 Best Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

Day trading is simply buying and selling shares of stocks quickly. Here are 5 of the best day trading strategies to take advantage of to make profitable trades.Explore this Resource

Options Trading Explained for Beginners

Options trading exists outside of stocks and mutual funds, but what is it, and how can you make it work for you and your portfolio? Read our guide for beginnersExplore this ResourceMore Topics[tcb_post_list query=”{‘paged':1,'filter':'custom','post_type':|{|'post'|}|,'related':|{|'category'|}|,'orderby':'rand','order':'DESC','posts_per_page':'3′,'offset':'1′,'no_posts_text':'There are no posts to display.','exclude_current_post':|{|'on'|}|,'queried_object':{‘ID':26025,'post_author':'11'},'sticky':|{||}|,'rules':|{|{‘taxonomy':'category','terms':|{|'459'|}|,'operator':'IN'}|}|}” type=”grid” columns-d=”3″ columns-t=”2″ columns-m=”1″ vertical-space-d=”35″ horizontal-space-d=”35″ ct=”post_list-43427″ ct-name=”Image & Text 01″ tcb-elem-type=”post_list” pagination-type=”none” pages_near_current=”2″ css=”tve-u-17ecba36458″ article-tcb_hover_state_parent=”” element-name=”Post List” total_post_count=”33″ total_sticky_count=”0″ posts_per_page=”3″ featured-content=”0″ disabled-links=”0″ no_posts_text=”” class=” article-tcb_hover_state_parent=” ][tcb_post_list_dynamic_style]@media (min-width: 300px){[].tcb-post-list #post-[tcb_the_id] []{background-image: url(“[tcb_featured_image_url size=large]”) !important;}[].tcb-post-list #post-[tcb_the_id] []:hover []{background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.08), rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.08)), url(“[tcb_featured_image_url size=large]”) !important;}}[/tcb_post_list_dynamic_style]

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