Radial Insight Review – Is This Lesser-Known Paid Survey Site Actually One of the Best?

radial insight reviewIn our quest to find the best money-making opportunities online, we stumbled upon this website called Radial Insight. It claims to have been around since 2009, making it one of the OGs of the paid survey world.

However, what's curious about this one is that there aren’t many Radial Insight survey reviews online. Nor does it appear on the usual paid survey watchdog sites like Trustpilot.

That certainly raises a few red flags.

Join us today as we take a look at this mysterious lesser-known site with our Radial Insight review!

About Radial Insight

Radial Insight is a paid survey site that gives people rewards in exchange for answering survey questions. This is in the form of gift cards that they can redeem at major retailers and establishments.

The company itself is a market research firm that was founded in 2009 and is based in Virginia, United States. Unlike other survey sites that focus only on market data for companies, Radial Insights also delves into questions on politics, policies, and other non-business-related data. These are then used by governments, political groups, and non-profit organizations.

The surveys provided by Radial Insight are, for the most part, straightforward to answer. They mostly come in a multiple-choice format. Some questions require you to rearrange items according to importance or preference.

What makes Radial Insight different, though, is they don’t use points or anything to track your rewards. That’s because it’s instantly sent to you after you complete a survey! You’ll be given a Tango Card for every successful one you finish, which can be used immediately.

This means there’s no minimum payout amount, unnecessary waiting, or anything of the sort. You can use the results of your hard work right away from the very first survey you answer. For users of other paid survey sites, this is a very refreshing change.

By the way, for those who don't know, Tango Card is a third-party rewards website. With it, you can redeem gift cards from several retailers and establishments like Amazon and Walmart.

How Does the Site Work?

To join the site, you simply need to register for an account. Unfortunately, only those living in the United States are eligible to use Radial Insight. If you do live in the US, however, just provide your name, email address, and date of birth.

After signup, you’ll rarely interact with the Radical Insight website, because the site works by sending you qualified surveys directly to your email or via text message. Expect to get around 1 to 2 surveys per week. Each survey pays about $2 to $4 and takes a short 10 minutes to complete. Surveys paying more than this exist but are rare.

Unlike most paid survey sites, Radial Insight doesn’t ask for your demographic info outright. Instead, they rely on the first few surveys you answer to gauge which surveys to send you in the future. It then stands that the more surveys you answer, the more they will send you. So, try to answer surveys as they come in your inbox.

After you successfully complete a survey, you’ll be emailed a Tango Card, which you can use to redeem gift cards at the Tango website.

In addition to answering surveys, Radial Insight also has a feature called Receipt Rewards. Here, you can send them copies of your receipts from partner retailers like Amazon and Walmart. They will then pay you $0.05 per receipt, and you can redeem it for a Tango Card once you reach $1.

To use Receipt Rewards, you need to install their extension app in your browser.

Is the Site Legit?

To judge whether this website is legit, we tried to look at the Radial Insight reviews and rating on their Better Business Bureau profile. This is a “watchdog” website we love going to since it's an excellent indication if a company is a scam or not.

However, suspiciously, for a company that’s been operating for almost a decade, it appears nowhere on the Better Business Bureau website. Fortunately, Radial Insight reviews across the Internet confirm that it’s not the case. In fact, for a website that’s been around since 2009, the few reviews they have mostly given positive feedback.

A lot of users praise the speed at which they receive rewards and very straightforward surveys. It’s been touted as setting the standard in how fast paid survey sites should be paying their users.

People also report that the survey disqualification rate is lower with this website compared to most. One even said that he completes around 90+% of the surveys he is given. The only complaint these Radial Insight reviews make is that there aren’t many surveys available each week, which slows down their earnings.

So yes, despite not having a rating or a profile at all in the Better Business Bureau, Radial Insight is indeed a 100% legitimate paid survey site. The lack of reviews is simply because they are not as “noisy” or marketing heavy as other paid survey sites, which is a shame because we honestly think they are one of the better ones.

Do check out our roundup of our favorite paid survey sites — those that you can rest assured are legit, secure, and pay well.

The Good and the Bad


  • You receive rewards instantly for every survey you answer. This is one of the most significant advantages of Radial Insight.
  • The surveys are easy and fast to answer: At 10 minutes per survey, and mostly multiple-choice questions, the effort of earning from Radial Insight is next to nothing.
  • Pay per survey is high compared to other sites. Radial Insight’s rate of $2 to $4 per survey is actually pretty generous, considering most sites pay in the neighborhood of $0.5 to $1.
  • Receipt Rewards is an excellent boost for your earnings. The $0.05 per receipt payout might be low, but it's still a great way to make use of receipts that you'll probably throw away anyway.
  • You don't get disqualified as much in the middle of surveys. We don’t know how they do it, but Radial Insight’s disqualification rate is surprisingly low. What’s even more amazing is that they don’t rely on profile questionnaires.


  • There aren’t many surveys available. One of Radial Insight’s biggest problems is the lack of surveys available to users. At just 1 to 2 surveys per week, you aren’t going to get rich.
  • There is no option for cash payment: Yes, gift cards are great — especially Tango Cards, which provide a wide array of retailers to choose from. But at the end of the day, cash is still the preferred reward of most people. A gift card just isn’t as flexible.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Radial Insight is one of the better-paid survey sites out on the web even if little-known. What sets it apart is its instant rewards, erasing any doubts of whether it's a scam or not. The survey questions themselves are quick and easy to answer and pay more to boot. Not mucking around with points or minimum payouts also makes it one of the easier ones to use.

In the end, we highly recommend using Radial Insight. It’s slow but steady income stream is offset by its speed. You can even combine it with other legit paid survey sites like YouGov for the best results!

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