One Opinion Review — Is It Worth Taking Surveys on This Site?

oneopinion reviewAs the survey market expanded, criminals took advantage, compromising the personal and financial information of millions of people via scams and phishing. These days, you have to be careful about which sites you give your personal information. You also need to avoid sites that promise the world but offer low-paying, time-wasting activities.

So, what about OneOpinion? Is this survey site worth it or yet another scam?

In our OneOpinion review, we set out to answer just that. We’ll examine the platform, determine how much you can earn, how they pay, and more importantly if it's worth your time.

One Opinion Review – About This Survey Site

OneOpinion, founded in 2011, is a subsidiary of Critical Mix Inc., located in Westport Connecticut. Keith Price and Hugh Davis co-founded the company. The platform is a “survey middleman,” which means that they host surveys on behalf of market research companies that gather opinions from panel members for business purposes.

Participants over the age of 13 living in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, are eligible to take surveys and test products on the website. Multiple members living in the same household may join the platform, which has earned the platform praise in many One Opinion reviews.

This survey site pays out via cash or gift cards. The cash option is paid either via PayPal or in virtual Visa cards, that you can quickly transfer to your PayPal account if you wish. $1 is equivalent to 1,000 points and to cash out, you need 25,000 points ($25).

OneOpinion also has a rewards program that allows you to trade in your points for diverse rewards if you prefer rewards to cash.

Another excellent feature about One Opinion is their product testing platform. It allows you to test products for free, some of which have not yet hit the market. They’ll send the products to you, with no shipping charges, which isn’t the case with many survey panels today. The compensation for this activity is also decent, and a chance to boost your earnings on the platform.

How Does OneOpinion Work?

OneOpinion rewards you for your time and participation filling in surveys and testing products for top market research companies around the world. The points you earn for these activities are redeemable for cash or gift card rewards.

How to Sign Up

  • Navigate to the OneOpinion website and fill in your personal information and email address.
  • The company will send you a confirmation email. Click on the verification link to verify your email.
  • After sign-up, the company will need you to fill in a short demographics questionnaire to create your Survey Profile. This step ensures that you only get matched with surveys and product testing trials that are relevant to your interests and lifestyle.
  • A word of caution – make sure to fill in your information accurately. False information will be detected in future surveys and could result in mid-survey disqualifications further down the line.
  • One Opinion will then send you emails, notifying you of any studies available.
  • If you participate using the app, the site gives you access to other surveys that are exclusive and not available on the desktop site. Boost your earnings on the go!

How Can You Earn with One Opinion?

Taking Surveys

Survey availability varies significantly on the platform. It will depend on what your interests are and how closely your profile matches the market research companies' needs. Every time you complete a survey, the company will credit your account with points, which can be exchanged for cash or rewards once you reach specific levels.

Most basic surveys on the website pay $1-$5, and more involved surveys pay up to $15. Short surveys take 10-15 minutes to complete on average, and longer surveys take 1-2 hours. You earn solely on the length of the survey, and not so much on the complexity.

Once you complete a survey, One Opinion will credit your points to your account immediately! Not many survey companies do this, so this is a differentiator for this site and a source of many positive OneOpinion reviews.

As mentioned, 1,000 points equate to $1, and the cash out threshold is $25. Points can be exchanged for a cash balance of the same value into a virtual Visa card or directly as a PayPal deposit.

If you prefer rewards to cash, you could benefit from the “One Rewards Program.” Trade your points for a host of rewards or prizes in the form of gift cards. These cards can either be sent as e-gift cards via your email address or as physical cards shipped to your home address, which can take up to 10 days to reach you.

Product Testing

Another method through which you can earn is product testing. You’ll be able to earn cash by reviewing actual physical products that have not yet been released to the market.

Businesses value this information because they get to sample the public's thoughts on their proposed products. They will, therefore, pay handsomely for the service.

Consequently, product testers are a select few on this survey panel, and these jobs are highly prized. The company usually chooses more established users who have a proven history on the site.

Each review could earn you on average, $50.

one opinion screenshot

Is OneOpinion Legit?

OneOpinion is a legitimate survey panel. It has gathered a pretty loyal following online from delighted customers who give them positive reviews.

Having been on the survey scene since 2011, the company has a solid reputation of paying users in full, and on time.

On the Better Business Bureau, their parent company Critical Mix Inc., also known as Dynata, has an A+ rating. They also show a 60% trust level on TrustPilot and a 60% positive rating on Survey Police.

Their social media platforms are active, all with decent followings. Most scam sites avoid customer engagement online, primarily through social media. But with an active Facebook, and Twitter, page, as well as a stable parent company, Critical Mix Inc., we feel that One Opinion is not a scam.

Here are some recent One Opinion reviews from customers on the high-authority review sites TrustPilot and Survey Police.

“I've been taking surveys for about two months and never had an issue with disqualifications. However, once I got close to being able to cash out at $25, all of a sudden no surveys were available." – Kirsten Key on TrustPilot. August 4, 2019

“I love taking surveys on One Opinion. The points add up so fast!” – Linda Cray on TrustPilot. July 29, 2019

“Now that I've been a member for seven months, I still haven't been able to cash out! I'm 1,400 or so points away and all of a sudden there are no surveys for me! Always been plenty up until today!? Anyone else with the same issue??" – Betsy (USA) on Survey Police, August 9. 2019


OneOpinion Review — What’s Good and What’s Bad

No One Opinion review would be complete without an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of the site. This information lets you quickly do the math on your own to settle whether the site is worth it.


  • Most survey panels limit their memberships to one person per household. One Opinion encourages the opposite, increasing the income potential for your family.
  • As soon as you complete a survey, your points are credited into your account instantly. Some sites can have you waiting for weeks before you see your point credited.
  • Their pre-surveys add legitimacy and authenticity to the survey-taking process. During the process, the panel asks questions that weed out fake survey participants who may have less than honest answers to give. The surveys themselves are also fun and exciting.
  • One Opinion credits members’ accounts with 50 points in the event of a mid-survey disqualification.
  • Their product testing product will not cost you one penny. All products are provided and shipped to your address free-of-charge
  • They have an interactive website that is user-friendly, well designed, and practical. The company has also used its site to be more transparent and open to its members, even posting staff profiles!
  • Their payment processing is fast and varied. OneOpinion can deposit payments into your PayPal account or to a prepaid Visa card. You can also opt for gift cards redeemable at various stores.
  • Their customer care department is easily the best in the paid survey market. They are proactive, transparent, and responsive and available to their users around the clock.
  • They have an app which makes taking surveys on the go quick and easy.


  • Some customers have complained about mid-survey disqualifications. However, this occurs at a lower rate than on other sites and is a universal problem common to all survey sites due to different profiles and demographics.
  • You may not always get surveys as availability depends on whether companies are looking for opinions from people that match your profile. Do not depend on One Opinion for a part-time or full-time level income.
  • Some surveys don’t make it clear how they’ll be conducted. You may think you’re signing up for a simple fill-in survey, only to be confronted with a requirement to film a video mid-survey. Some people aren't comfortable with these sudden changes.

Final Thoughts

One Opinion has drastically simplified their survey-taking process in a market where other sites seem to want to make it more difficult for their customers!

The surveys are fun, concise, and engaging, compared to other sites, too. One Opinion precisely matches their studies to their customers, which leads to a low survey disqualification rate. This factor results in decent earning potentials with both surveys and product testing.

The downside, however, is that the cash-out threshold is high; you’ll need to take lots of surveys to feel any impact.

Just from reading verified One Opinion reviews online, though, we can tell that they are trying to make their platform stand out as a top survey site.

We especially recommend the site for their decent earnings, transparent way of doing business, and excellent customer support.

Read more paid survey reviews here and here. Have anything to add to this OneOpinion review or opinions on the website that you'd love to share with us? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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