Jobs2Shop Review — Is It Still a Viable Way to Make Extra Money?

jobs2shop reviewEver wanted to earn money just answering surveys or shopping? Well, we do, that's why we've scoured the web for the best available money-making opportunities known to netizens.

One of the paid survey sites that came up was Jobs2Shop. It’s a site that promises an endless array of surveys and tasks that you can complete for cold, hard cash.

Now, the question then becomes, is this a legit way to earn online?

To answer that, we’ve come out with a deep dive into this paid survey site through our Jobs2Shop review!

About Jobs2Shop

Jobs2Shop is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that offers surveys and online activities. For completing these tasks, you are compensated with cash. The data that results from your hard work is then used by third-party companies to inform their product development and market research.

The New York-based company was started back in 2012. Since then, it has amassed a total of 1,743,316 members to date, paying over $1,250,000 in cash to users.

Calling this a paid survey site isn’t really accurate, as answering surveys is just one of the many ways you can earn through the website. In fact, one of its most significant advantages is that you'll never run out of tasks to do. Their model is in many ways similar to Swagbucks – albeit, in a lesser capacity.

Let’s go through some of the tasks you can earn money from on Jobs2Shop.

First, of course, is answering paid surveys. This is the most common task, and one that you’ll most likely do regularly. Jobs2Shop doesn’t actually host the surveys themselves but instead directs you to a third-party site that does have the surveys. This is similar to how popular sites like InboxDollars do it.

On average, expect to earn around $1 to $2 per survey you complete. Each takes an estimated 5 to 20 minutes to complete.

Next, you can complete offers to earn money. These can either be free or paid offers. Free will usually require you to participate in a free software trial or be open to subscribe to a company’s email list.

To complete free offers, you’ll need nothing more than your name and email address. Pay on these is typically low — around less than $1.

Paid offers, on the other hand, require you to buy or spend on something. They may also involve time-trial offers that require your credit card information. These are usually more lucrative (easily in the $5 to $10 range) but this higher pay is offset by the fact that you need to spend money upfront. There’s also the danger of forgetting to opt-out of a limited trial offer, after which your credit card will automatically be charged for “buying” the product.

Generally, it's best to do free offers, then just go for paid offers that genuinely interest you.

The third task you can do is mystery shopping. This option usually requires you to become a customer of certain retail or online stores, then review their products or evaluate their service. You'll be wholly reimbursed for all expenses you incur while mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping tasks are some of the highest paying you can get. You’ll get anywhere from $15 to $60, even $100 in some rare cases. Jobs2Shop is partnered with some of the top mystery shopping companies, so you're assured of relatively smooth service.

Other ways you can earn include their referral program or shopping through cashback. You can also get cash from playing games hosted in Jobs2Shop.

How Does the Site Work?

To join Jobs2Shop, you need to sign up for an account first. The website is, unfortunately, restricted to United States citizens. You must also be at least 18 years of age to register successfully. You’ll also be required to confirm your email address to proceed.

Like any paid survey site, once you register, you’ll be given a profile questionnaire. This is designed to get your demographic and interest data, so you can be better matched with only the most relevant surveys. Most of the questions are basic, but some can be quite personal.

For completing the profile, you’ll also be given $5 to jumpstart your earnings. After that, you’re in! You can now begin answering surveys or doing tasks.

You can pick from any of the available tasks that you want to do. Take note that the majority of your assignments will be surveys. If not, you'll encounter problems when cashing out.

Jobs2Pay only allows you to redeem your earnings in cash via PayPal. The minimum amount required to cash out is $25, of which half must be earned from answering surveys. Keep this in mind as it can create some frustration come cash-out time.

Cash-out follows an admittedly long schedule. Generally, payments are only remitted to you on the 20th of the following month. So that means you potentially have to wait for at least 20 days before you can get your money!

The slow payment timeline is one of the site's biggest downsides.


Is the Site Legit?

When we assessed whether this is a legit paid survey site, we first checked the Jobs2Shop reviews and rating listed on the Better Business Bureau. This is a reasonably accurate way to gauge if a company is legitimate since the BBB is a reputable entity. They evaluate companies based on their business transparency and sound practices, among other factors.

Unfortunately, Jobs2Shop has an F rating with the BBB, the lowest possible score. According to them, this is due to the company having a lot of complaints and not responding to most of them. It’s also indicated that the company has an undeliverable registered mail address.

Also, upon reading through the Jobs2Shop reviews listed on the BBB website, it turns out many users have issues getting paid. A lot of them even report the website mysteriously “shutting down” on the day of payout. Eventually, people have begun branding the site as a scam.

On the bright side, there are several positive Jobs2Shop reviews that report having an excellent overall experience with the website. Several were paid on time, while others praised how easy it was to earn money. It's worth noting, though, that this was way back in 2017. Many claim that since that year, things have begun to go south.

In the end, this Jobs2Shop review has concluded that this GPT site is a mixed bag that’s leaning more towards being a scam. It certainly has a lot of red flags, such as several users' reports of not being paid and a low BBB rating.


  • Lots of opportunities to earn: One of Pay2Shop’s biggest strengths is the number of tasks available. This gives you a lot of variety and ensures you’ll always have something to do on the site.
  • Most of the tasks are easy to do: Most of the tasks on the site only take an average of 10 minutes to complete and require no skill at all.
  • High dollar opportunities: While they aren’t ultra-frequent, the site offers some high-dollar opportunities, such as mystery shopping.
  • $5 sign-up bonus: You’ll get $5 just for signing up to the site. Of course, you can’t withdraw it without earning $20 more, but it’s a start.


  • Payments take too long to process: Pay2Shop’s payment schedule is, in a word, unnecessarily long. Having to wait 20 days to more than a month is simply ridiculous.
  • Non-payment complaints: There are a lot of people online complaining about not getting their pay at all. This can potentially happen to you as well, which robs you of the security and assurance the site should give.
  • Less-than-stellar online reputation: A rock-bottom F rating with the BBB does not instill confidence after those non-payment complaints.
  • 50% of the cash out needs to come from survey earnings: This rule can be good or bad, depending on how much you love answering surveys. Even if you do like surveys, though, meeting this threshold is time-consuming.
  • Income is slow: Most of the tasks on Jobs2Shop don't pay much — not near enough for the time it takes to complete them. This aspect makes earning slow.

Final Thoughts

thumbs downAfter reviewing Jobs2Shop, we simply can’t recommend it to most people. There are really a lot of far better options out there.

The numerous complaints of users not getting paid is too alarming not to notice. Their dismal BBB rating also isn't helping their case at all.

Even if Jobs2Shop is 100% legit, there are still some features that don’t make it a viable income opportunity. Like the convoluted payment schedule that takes up to 20 days, or the requirement that 50% of your earnings must come from surveys.

If you want a paid survey site that presents a lot of tasks to its users, you can try similar sites like Mind Swarms that offer a better platform. Our final word on Jobs2Shop is a firm skip-it.

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