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Donny Gamble
March 15, 2022
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Voyager is a great platform for so many trading styles. There’s no commissions because they make their money through spreads, and the account minimum to open is roughly an hour's pay for most people.

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Key Takeaways

  • No Commissions: Voyager still makes money, but not through maker and taker fees, which can save you up to 0.50% on every transaction you make.
  • Automatic Buying: Put your cryptocurrency investments on auto-pilot and seize the day; robo-buyers have been shown to outdo intentional investing.
  • Great UI: You can go right from your iOS or Android app to the desktop and stay focused, because their UI is intuitive and easy to use across all platforms.

Pros & Cons

  • You can get up to 9% APY earned on your existing crypto.
  • FDIC Insured
  • You can access multiple exchanges
  • No Peer-to-Peer Trades
  • Lengthy Verification

Voyager isn’t the first name that you think about when you hear crypto exchange, but it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. Voyager is an app-based place to buy crypto, but it has absolutely no desktop feature (kind of like Robinhood for stocks).

Is that enough to send people running? Not so much. More than half of all internet use is on mobile, and Voyager just caters to the market of savvy investors who are always on-the-go.

Can you benefit from them and make Voyager your next crypto marketplace? We wanted to find out, too.

We signed up, funded our account, and ran through coins and other options on the app. We found something that might surprise you, and a couple of other things that should be expected from a mobile-only platform.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you bother downloading the app in the first place.

About Voyager Digital

Investing in Voyager means investing in their team. They believe that crypto is the future, and the investors of today (you) will decide the fate of this decentralized phenomena.

Voyager wants to provide secure ways to help investors begin their crypto journey, continue their financial success in crypto, and essentially be the guide through the entire cryptocurrency process.

They’re straightforward and transparent.

Product Offerings

  • Voyager Debit Card: Earn up to 3% back on your purchases while using this card, and receive that interest in the form of cryptocurrency.
  • Exchange: Buy up to 80 coins with more being added all the time, and sell them directly through the exchange when it’s time to liquidate.
  • Reward System: Annual rewards have been known to exceed to 12% APY on certain cryptocurrencies, and they’re paid out monthly so you never have to worry about prices dropping halfway through the year.

Voyager Fees

Voyager has a transparent fee system. It still makes money, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a business, but it prides itself on being a commission-free platform.

You can expect to pay the target price when you put in a buy order, and Voyager will keep the difference if they’re able to snag it at a lower price; it’s a win-win for everyone.

Additionally, Voyager does charge crypto withdrawal fees, but they appear to mostly cover the cost of the transaction and of course, a bit off the top is for their coffers. Voyager is transparent about all fees and it’s great.

Who is Voyager Best For?

Voyager works best for anyone who’s sick and tired of being nickel and dimmed by big exchanges that dominate the space. Voyager isn’t the biggest, but they are a sizable company, and they’re continuing to grow as fast as possible while still keeping rewards at the forefront of their business identity.

If the benefits of increased APY and credit card returns in the form of cryptocurrency are attractive to you, make sure you read the fine print first, but by all means set up with Voyager.

Voyager FAQ's

Is Voyager safe and legit?

Voyager is a safe platform and exchange to buy and sell your cryptocurrency on. Voyager has made security one of its highest priorities, and continues to rightfully earn the trust of those who use it.

Voyager takes security very seriously, and continues to make large-scale moves in the crypto space. Numerous people trust it, and not just for the FDIC insurance.

How does Voyager pay interests on your crypto?

If you hold a certain amount of coins in your wallet, even if you transferred them and did not buy them from the Voyager platform, you can receive up to 9% of your monthly value of that coin.

Presumably, they want to leverage the power of the cryptocurrency that resides in the accounts on their platform to earn more money from sponsorships and have a higher valuation to receive better investors, but this is unclear.

It’s not completely clear as to why they offer this structure, but at the end of the day, you benefit.

Should you use Voyager to buy crypto?

Absolutely. Because of how they make money, they’re transparent throughout the entire process and you know exactly what you’re going to spend.

There’s no hidden fees or ridiculous hoops to jump through, making it a prime choice for those who value transparency above all else.

While the UI design could use a bit of an overhaul, it’s still easy enough for just about anyone to use, so there’s no reason to not give Voyager a try.

How does Voyager make money?

Voyager actually makes money in a way that doesn’t directly cost you anything, but it can lead to longer buying times.

It earns commissions through a spread fee, which means if you put in a buy order for a coin at $1.00, and it drops to $0.99 in the time it takes for the buy order to go through, Voyager will buy the coin at the new price and pocket the difference.

It’s no cost to the user since you don’t have to worry about a transaction fee, and you already planned on spending $1.00 on the coin anyway, so there are some instances where Voyager actually doesn’t make money off of tons of transactions.

Keep in mind that spreads vary from coin to coin and may be up to 3%.

Does Voyager sell any of my personal information?

Voyager states that it will not give, sell, or loan your information to anyone. However, they do use third-party services and partnerships with other companies.

In their privacy policy, they state that third-party services that they align with are also required per their agreements to not sell your personal information either, should they come into contact with it.

On the surface, it appears as though Voyager has genuine concern for the privacy of the user, and there are no negative accounts to contest that at this time. Voyager is safe to use.

Compare to Other Platforms

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$100 bonus on qualifying deposit
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No deposit or withdrawal fees

Voyager Digital

Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that allows retail and institutional investors to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets.

  • Voyager Crypto
  • Rating: 4
  • Reviewed by:
  • On March 15, 2022
  • Last modified:March 15, 2022

Review Summary:

Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that allows retail and institutional investors to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets.

Review of: Voyager Crypto

Reviewed by:
On March 15, 2022
Last modified:March 15, 2022


Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that allows retail and institutional investors to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets.

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