Alpha 7 Trading Academy Review: Everything You Need To Know


Are you are searching for an Alpha 7 Trading review? If so, you have at least one of these 3 trader education objectives in mind:

  1. A desire to make more money.

  2. A quest to make day-trading your career.

  3. A desire to move beyond growing your current small day-trading account.

To reach your objectives you’ll want to be wise about how you spend your trading education money. There are many on-line trading schools out there. You want a well-regarded comprehensive online day-trading academy with the following 3 key attributes...

  • Solid foundation of broad trading information.
  • Mentors assist with trading information details. They also help turn trading information into action. 
  • Ongoing support through telephone, emails, webinars. There is also a live chat facility where students can support each other.

My Alpha 7 Trading Review

Alpha 7 Trading Review

For my Alpha 7 Trading Academy review I visited their website and found these primary features and benefits. Nothing major (or minor) is missing from what you’ll want in an online trading education.

Built by a Trading Authority

The trading education methods are prepared by Jea Yu, a well-known trading authority. Ju has 15 years of trading experience in the equities, futures and options markets. He is the recipient of Forbes ‘Best of the Web’ award for four sequential years. And he wrote 3 popular books on trading strategies.

Online Learning Software

The Alpha 7 instructors provide day trading training courses using Learning Management System (LMS). They prepare, deliver and administer their courses on LMS. Each student’s self-paced progress is tracked with summarized LMS reviews.

Training Anytime, Anywhere...On Any Device

Alpha 7 students get training from digital recordings, trading articles and downloadable documents, on-line testing and quizzes. Almost all the training everything is automated. Not only is student testing automated, but the grading and certification is too.

It's possible to visit the training portal from anywhere and anytime that's convenient. They connect with any internet-enabled device (PC, tab or mobile phone).

Live Support

Students receive live support via telephone, email or Skype. During U.S. trading market hours and weekends students speak to a qualified trading mentor.


To get started students sign-up, pay and download their courses from the Alpha 7 website. There are four levels of training with corresponding pricing.

  1. Foundations of Intraday Trading – US$ 497

  2. Active Intraday Trading – US$ 2,497

  3. Advanced Strategies – US$ 2,997

  4. Professional Trader and Placement Help – US$ 3,997

There are more advanced courses available at US$1,397 each once the initial 4 levels are done.

All purchases are final. There are no refunds.

The website offers some ‘free training’ which is a bit misleading. The offer is a link to another website offering free binary options trading software. There is also an offer to work with another trading platform.

Is the Alpha 7 Education Program Comprehensive?

See Alpha 7 Trading Review

Are you are looking for ground-up training? Or do you want to refine your trading and risk-management abilities? Then the Alpha 7 program is appropriate.

Their courses are overseen by several private-equity fund managers. Students are eager to show qualifications to these fund managers. There is a possible placement with the funds after completing their training.

Alpha 7 claims to have ... “the most comprehensive and renowned proprietary trading education program available designed”. See what Alpha 7 students say below...

Student Feedback

I wanted to know what actual students thought about the program. I researched about 50 independent student comments between August 2013 to July 2016. I found no serious negative comments!

Here is a sampling of comments from a few Alpha 7 Trading Academy review by students who of their program:

  1. One student rated the Alpha 7 program 4 stars. He felt it was thorough and valuable. His main complaint was the testing was about the regulations and computing trade losses...but the course materials were more related to trading strategies and human psychology.

  2. Another participant saw the course material goes beyond helping students get hired by a fund. It’s a thorough program that will help anyone, whether they have their own trading account or want to work with a fund (including the Alpha 7 fund).

  3. The next student was enthusiastic about Jea Yu designing the training. He also liked that supervising fund managers are live traders.

  4. Another student thought the program deserves 5 stars. Mainly because Alpha 7 offers terrific trading education and strong support, by providing free 1-on-1 mentoring sessions that allow for more in-depth information and discussion on the major concepts and strategies.

  5. One student gave Alpha 7 a 4-star review. He felt their pricing was high, but then he complimented them on the fact that Alpha 7 does have placement help. He performed well with the coursework and received an offer to trade capital, which he accepted.

  6. The next student traded stock on the market for roughly 25 years. Until she took the Alpha 7 trading program, she hadn’t made consistent profits. She bought enough Alpha 7 courses to complete Level 2. Instead of breezing through the course material in a few weeks she studied for 6 months to know the material cold. She now makes successful trades daily and may quit her day job to trade full time.

Visit the Alpha 7 Trading Academy website to see videos of more satisfied students...

Why Would I Recommend Alpha 7 Trading Academy?

In my Alpha 7 Trading review I looked at them from several angles and was quite satisfied. Consequently, I feel comfortable recommending their program to new students.

The positive feedback from students confirms the Alpha 7 program is well-designed by the recognized trading industry authority (Jea Yu).

The ability to engage with the coursework on any device at any time in any location is completely versatile. The backup support provided through qualified traders and even Jea Yu himself is a big plus too. The potential to get a trading job offer after the coursework is an unanticipated bonus.

If I had to make one suggestion to the Apha 7 team, it is to incorporate a money-back guarantee. The program is of high quality with good satisfaction, but it is expensive. A money-back guarantee will reduce the barrier to entry for people who currently do not join.

If you are not yet convinced that Alpha 7 is the program you need, do what I did and read through a few dozen satisfied student reviews.


  1. Joe says

    their website is slow after you purchase the course online they do not care what happens. they changed their course offering from may 2017 to a different course offering now. they promised unlimited access to the course when I purchased it in may 2017. iculdnt go fast on the course because some family reasons, i do not have acc: after repeated e-mails and phone callsess to the course and they have no intention of correcting this situation

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