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As perhaps the best-known of the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms, most people know about Lending Club as a source of loans. But less well-known is that it can also be an excellent place to invest your money. This is especially true given that interest on traditional bank investments are running at less than 1% for… Continue Reading →

In the low interest rate environment we are currently in, private money lending offers an excellent alternative to traditional fixed income investments. You can invest your money in private money loans, and earn a much higher rate of return than you can at a bank, with a bond, or even in high yield “junk bonds”… Continue Reading →

There are hundreds of trading tools available online, but VantagePoint software takes up a spot all of its own. This is because it uses inter-market predictive analysis software, meaning it predicts what tomorrow’s prices will be. This sounds like an incredibly complicated algorithm is used, which is true, but VantagePoint believes they have created something… Continue Reading →

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